Are you mid-way through life and frustrated?

Kim Lenga

Folks, I get it..... I struggled just to lose 5 lbs.  I dreamed of having sculpted arms and abs.  I was convinced that it was my genetics, age, and hormones that were preventing me from  achieving this.  I believed that other women with sculpted arms and abs only had them because of some freak diet, surgery, or they were blessed with amazing genetics. 

Then I was exposed to what was really holding me back.  While I thought I ate healthy, I learned that some of the things that I consumed were actually promoting inflammation in my body.  I discovered that I am predisposed to high inflammation.  I now know that a diet high in Omega 6 competes with Omega 3s. 

This little book helped me get the results I had been striving for.  At 54, I no longer blame hormones, genetics or age. 

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