Can you do a full body workout everyday?

Kim Lenga

For strength-training newbies, total-body workouts are recommended, and training each muscle group at least twice a week is the path to more muscle and strength.  For many seasoned exercisers though, a day doesn't feel complete without doing some lifts.

Training total body on a daily basis doesn't allow that proper recovery between training days. When you don't allow yourself to recover, you don't allow the growth to take place during recovery.  Growth may sound scary for  women - a fear of getting big, bulky muscles.   Actually lifting weights is an excellent tool to help you build lean muscle, reduce fat, and enhance your performance. We don’t just want a smaller version of you but a healthier, stronger, leaner version of you.

As important as working out is for you, recovery is equally important. Your body needs to recover - and that doesn’t just mean rest, recovery means hydration, eating adequate calories and PROTEIN, massages, and other methods to help your muscles  recuperate.

A recovery method I use is active recovery.  This method involves using  light weights and/or cardio after a day of strength training.  These workouts involve the same muscles from a previous workout and proves to be effective in speeding up recovery.  This technique helps to increase the blood flow to overworked muscles.The increased blood supply may also help alleviate inflammation.

I am very slow to recover after a workout.  In fact, it takes a couple of days for my muscles to recover.  This muscle soreness is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Additionally, I have a high risk of inflammation and this technique is yet another reason I use active recovery. I discovered this from a HIPAA Compliant DNA Test.


To truly achieve the goal you desire, you not only need a goal, but a plan. I have helped hundreds of men and women achieve the results they desire starting with a customized plan specifically designed for them. I encourage everyone starting a workout plan to know their body and understand what it needs not only for workouts to achieve the results they desire in the most efficient way possible, but also to understand what it needs for recovery which is equally just as important.


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