Can you really burn fat while you sleep?

Kim Lenga

Can you burn fat while you sleep…? Yup, but not in the way you are thinking. The key is to maximize one of your key fat burning hormones (HGH) production and minimize the production of one of your key fat storage hormones (cortisol).These 5 habits will make a huge difference over time:

1. Get enough sleep! The most obvious first… Get your 7 to 8 hours! Lack of sleep increases hunger hormones like Ghrelin and that stress hormone, cortisol, I mentioned above which promotes fat storage. Conversely, proper sleep supports leptin levels, which is our satiety hormone and helps to keep appetite at bay. Plus, most importantly proper sleep increases HGH levels which, as stated, is one of our most powerful fat burning hormones.

2. Stop eating 3 hours before bed at least. We release the majority of HGH hormone in our first sleep cycle. When we eat before bed, in particular carbohydrates, it can inhibit our production of HGH. So, try to quit eating at least three hours before bedtime. The earlier the better and ESPECIALLY no carbs as they spike insulin, which is greatly inhibits HGH production.

3. Sleep in a cold room. I know couples that have broken up over thermostat incompatibility, so if you are a cold room person you are in luck. If not, you have a choice to make. Having an ambient temperature of no higher than 68 activates our good fat (brown fat) in a way which helps us burn of bad fat (visceral and ectopic fat). And, cooler rooms promote deeper sleep, which helps with that HGH production.

4. Black it out. Make your room as dark as possible. No blue light. Black out shades. Maybe even an eye cover sleep mask. The darkness triggers melatonin, which helps to stimulate HGH secretion.

5. Try a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a known muscle relaxer and there is some data to suggest it can help us find our chill at bedtime – I have personally have one that I recommend!  




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