Five foods to avoid for inflammation

Kim Lenga

Preventing chronic inflammation is an important aspect of staying healthy.

Not all types of inflammation are considered bad. Acute inflammation is a reaction that protects your body from infection. This type of inflammation occurs when you cut your finger or you're fighting a cold, and the reaction means your body is working to heal itself.

When inflammation persists, however, chronic inflammation develops — this is the type of inflammation you want to avoid as much as possible. Over time, chronic inflammation wreaks havoc on your body. The condition is associated with heart disease, diabetes, dementia, depression, cancer and arthritis, among others, as explained by.

Diet plays a significant role in the development and prevention of chronic inflammation. You can reduce your risk by filling your plate with more whole grains, legumes and vegetables, antioxidant-rich foods (berries, tea, avocados) and omega-3s (salmon and tuna).

While there are several kinds of foods that can help fight inflammation, there are also ones that promote the condition. Try to steer clear of the following inflammatory foods whenever you can.

  • Processed Meats - Processed red meat like hot dogs, sausage and, yes, breakfast's beloved bacon, are all pro-inflammatory.
  • Added Sugar - Taking in too many added sugars — which are found in regular soda, candy and baked goods — can increase chronic inflammation in the body.  Added sugar is not the same as natural sugar found in fruit.
  • Refined Carbs - Refined carbohydrates can be found in foods like white bread, white rice and crackers. Other sources include cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes and pastries. When describing carbohydrates, "refined" means that it's not a whole grain — the grain has been processed, with the bran and germ, which contains most of the food's fiber, removed.
  • Trans Fats - This type of processed fat has been cut from much of our food supply because of its detrimental effect on heart health. The Food and Drug Administration began banning trans fats in our foods back in 2015, and although a large portion of it has been reduced, you may still find some in products like margarine, fried food, microwave popcorn and frozen pizzas
  • Too Much Alcohol -It doesn't take much to drink "too much" alcohol. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend women stick to no more than one drink per day and men two drinks per day. One of the harms of overdoing it with alcohol is inflammation in the gut and liver. Over time, this evolves into chronic inflammation that affects most of the body.

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