Inflammatory Fat - do you know the root cause?

Kim Lenga

Having inflammatory fat is like playing Russian Roulette with our health. Especially around our midsection.
They say even 5 pounds is unhealthy.
And most have 4-10 times this.
And they are being misled on what the root cause actually is.
See, the truth is…
It is NOT calories.
It is NOT carbohydrates.
It is NOT hormones.
That is why programs that focus on aspects (like calorie counting, weight watchers, keto, noom, etc.) will never work.
The root cause of this particular fat is actually:
  • Inflammation
  • Toxins
  • Stress
Therefore, what we need to focus on is releasing the inflammation, detoxing the body, and de-stressing the nervous system.
And the only way to do this is with a very specific lifestyle change that targets the inflammation and toxins, and allows the nervous system to decompress.
There is no way around this.
There are no shortcuts.
This is the only hope we have that our bodies will release the inflammatory fat.
Our bodies cannot and will not release the inflammatory fat if we do not remove the toxins, inflammation and de-stress the body.
Because the inflammatory fat is a protection mechanism. Therefore, trying to rob the body of its protection while not eliminating the root cause seems self-destructive to the body, and it retaliates by putting more weight on, and faster.
I know this because I've worked with tons of clients who have struggled with not being able to release this inflammatory fat no matter what they’ve tried. And year after year they were gaining more and more weight, accumulating more and more meds, and getting sicker and sicker.
The good news is, I have discovered a way to remove the toxins from the body and rid the body of inflammation... and keep the weight off.
So, for those who are also looking to get their life back once and for all, you now have the opportunity to join me and allow me to show you the exact process to help the body release the inflammation, toxins and stress, so that you can release the inflammatory fat for good and keep it off.
This is for those who are serious about a lifestyle change. This is NOT a quick fix. For those who are not willing to invest the time and energy into learning and changing, please do not join.
For those who are looking for a sustainable, health first approach to releasing the weight and getting healthy, contact me and let's get started.

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