Kim Lenga

When your gut health is off, your entire body suffers!
You probably already know that we’re constantly being exposed to bacteria 🦠. Some is good 👍🏻 and some is bad 👎🏻, and it’s up to our immune system to decide which is which. When our immune system deems an invader as a threat, this is typically when we get sick—cue the runny nose 👃 , sneezing 🤧 , and fatigue 🥱 . This is our body hard at work attacking said invader.
What you may not know about the immune system is that it actually gets stronger when our gut health is thriving. Humans have more bacteria cells than they do human cells and most of the bacteria we have is in the gut.
Our gut is basically our second brain and the bacteria talks to our brain, our genes, and our immune system!"
Leaky gut? If you are looking for a way to support your gut… you want butyrate - a gut wall fixer!! 🧱
One of the major benefits of a butyrate for the gut is that it is the main source of fuel for the cells lining the colon. Without it, these cells simply wouldn’t survive and the intestinal environment within the gut microbes thrive, wouldn’t exist.
What does all this mean for your health? Well, because butyrate is produced when your gut microbes transform dietary fiber into butyrate, your diet could be key in preventing chronic disease.
So how do you increase butyrate in your gut? You don’t need to eat foods high in butyrate, you need to eat foods that feed your gut bacteria. They are called pre-biotics.
Foods rich in butyrate wouldn’t travel to your colon where it supports your gut lining and keeps it intact. Research shows that consuming pre-biotics is in effective and safe way to increase the abundance of butyrate producing bacteria.
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