No matter what it is… eating real, natural food is always better!

Well, I assure you it’s no coincidence. Processed foods can truly be considered more of a way to have big food brands make more of a profit than actual naturally created edible sustenance humans were meant to eat and utilize for health purposes.

There is huge profit in modifying and processing your food and the big corporations know it. They don’t care about your health despite all the claims they make. Their bottom-line profit matters more.

I can be quite easy to know the difference: If you have to cook your food, its REAL. If you have to either rip open the box or can and microwave it, it’s processed. Chances are if you found it in the middle of the grocery store, its processed.

A protein bar, no matter how healthy its makers are claiming it is, is processed food. How much has your food been modified since it was first picked/hatched/butchered?

The less it’s had done to it, the closer to nature it is – and the more responsive your body will be to it.

Your best bet is to always look at the ingredient labels. You don’t want long lists of additives and artificial things in your food; your body isn’t a beaker for scientific studies!

Your organism is part of this nature around us, it was created to benefit from the natural resources around it.

Make use of that and don’t ever forget it!

Should you consume too many unnatural ingredients that nature never intended, your body almost sees this as it being poisoned, shuts down, halts fat loss, slow your metabolism as it fights to rid itself of harmful toxins created by eating pure artificial junk.

Did you know that if you are toxic your body will be in fat storing mode and NOT fat burning mode? It’ll be too busy cleaning itself out to bother responding to any fat loss goals you may have.

Something so simple as cooking your own meals and not buying prepackaged foods will shift your body composition into fat burning mode.

I help people with a 30-Day Detox Program to "clean" their bodies out and get it ready for an infiltration of real, healthy food based on a DNA customized nutrition and fitness program. 

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