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Staying fit after 50 doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Even when you don’t have a workout planned or perfect meal ready, healthy women still make it a priority to take care of themselves.

Here are 6 things healthy women consistently do.

  1. FIND WAYS TO MOVE EVERY DAY:  Even on days they don’t have a scheduled workout, healthy women are moving their bodies.  These days it’s common to find some sort of fitness program on your smart phone or TV to get you up and moving.  All of the new technology makes it easy to get up and get going throughout the day, even for a few minutes, to keep you from sitting dormant for hours on end. 
  2. THEY GET ENOUGH SLEEP:  Sleep may be the most important thing we can do for our bodies, particularly as we age. People who get adequate sleep live longer. Sleep also improves your memory, and I know that’s a complaint we all have as we age. To make sure you get a full night of quality rest, try turning off all technology 30 minutes before you go to bed, and make sure you have a quiet and comfortable resting space. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a good night’s rest can do for almost every other area of your life. 
  3. THEY EAT HEALTHY FOOD:  Fit women drastically limit processed foods. They aren’t all genetically programmed to be thin and fit, they work at it. It takes time to build healthy eating habits. You may not like vegetables or salmon or other healthy foods, but guess what? You can learn to like them. Food choices are a habit like most everything else in life. If you want to break a habit, like eating sugar, or make a habit, like eating more veggies, plan on a minimum of 6 weeks before you like the choices you are making. It’s hard to stick to something for 6 weeks, but it’s worth it! If you find it’s overwhelming to try to get on a healthier eating routine, try planning your meals ahead of time or jumping on a group nutrition program. Also, when you hit the grocery store, avoid buying the junk food you crave and replace it with healthy options. Give yourself the chance to succeed and you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to get on the right track. 
  4. THEY MAKE TIME FOR THEMSELVES:  Work, family, finances, social obligations… the to-do list seems never-ending some days. Healthy women make setting aside time for themselves a priority. Even a few minutes of quiet meditation can make a big difference in an otherwise hectic day. It’s a bonus if you can include a healthy habit, like a fitness class or a walk, to your time of self-focus. Sometimes you have to be your biggest advocate, and saying no to the demands of life can lead to a healthier, happier version of you.  
  5. THEY DON'T DRINK MORE THAN A GLASS OF WINE:  If you are drinking more than a glass of wine with your dinner, you will not sleep as well as you should. You’ll also consume too many calories and find that you make excuses for not exercising the next day. If you need to lose weight, wine needs to be a one or two nights a week occurrence. Most women find it very hard to lose weight AND continue to drink. Alcohol affects your organs and messes up his your metabolism.

    Fit women make exercise a high priority and don’t find excuses not to workout. They have a routine for staying fit after 50, and once that routine is established, the sky’s the limit. Whether they exercise first thing in the morning or when they get home from work, they make sure to include some sort of activity or movement in their day. Either way, exercise does not get sacrificed to someone else’s needs or to work that can wait. There are exercise types for every fitness and ability level, and options like cardio, stretching, and weight training open the doors to a wide variety of opportunities to get moving and get healthy.

    Staying fit after 50 doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can get fit by walking a minimum of 30 minutes most days coupled with three to four shorter, intense workouts during the week. Here are some workouts for to get you started right away:


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