What does it mean to detox your body?

Kim Lenga

First of all, a cleanse only cleans from gut to the butt. To truly detox your body, you need to detox (clean your filters… the kidneys and liver).
🟡The body produces lots of metabolic waste and that waste is toxic to the body.
🟡We breath in all kinds of toxic chemicals, viruses, dirt, pollen and other things. When we drink water it has a variety of things in it chlorine, Floride, a variety of medications that did not pass the filtering phase, agriculture run off, and a host of other stuff.
🟡When we eat we get to consume any and all herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, parasites, and anything that was in the air, soil, or water where the food was grown or fed by.
🟡When we breathe we take in all the chemicals in car exhaust, plane exhaust, all the pollen, dirt, lawn chemicals, and any insecticides we, our neighbors, or the city uses.
🟡 In short, the body has to deal with/detox everything that we breathe, eat and drink, plus whatever waste we produce. This process is greatly reduced with psychological stress.
🟡 If some of these chemicals are not detoxed quickly, they get stored in fat and can continue to damage the body for long periods of time.
☑️ This is why it is important to help the body out by doing detoxes every once in a while, or on a constant maintenance schedule.
☑️ Doing detox programs more often will help you not only get sick less but make the symptoms less severe and allow you to heal faster.
☑️ Detox/clean kidneys, liver, then you can kill parasites, then yeast, then probiotics, next refill the liver and adrenals with nutrients, then you can look at food sensitivities, last you do heavy metal detox.
The reason you have to do things in this order is the way that the body works.
1️⃣ The kidneys and liver are your primary detox organs; however, the kidneys are your limiting reagents. You can only go as fast as your kidneys will allow or you get detox reactions.
So, cleaning the kidneys first is important, think kidney packs.
2️⃣ Liver is next and that cleans everything in the body so it will take a little longer to clean if the liver, or your body is really dirty.
To be fair, typically the liver needs to get started on cleaning and then we have to clear the parasites before we can call the liver truly clean.
3️⃣ Once your parasites are gone you can clean out the yeast and start restoring the probiotics.
Parasites will eat and kill probiotics so you cannot use them before you clear out the parasites.
You also have to make room for probiotics thus the killing of yeast is important.
4️⃣ Once the gut is restored you can then start using vitamins like Bs to restore nutrient levels.
You can't really get a full B level before you clear the gut because parasites eat B and your gut is inflamed so very little of what you're taking in will actually get absorbed.
So, if you have not cleaned out your gut first the supplements, you're taking might not really work that well, or at least as well as they can.


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