What I eat in a day!

Kim Lenga


I get asked this question all the time - "What do you eat?" So, I thought I would take you through what a day of food looks like for me.

As you know, I teach people how to fuel their bodies with food - real food - food that I make and is not highly processed or from a box. Food is the hardest thing for people to understand. I work with so many men and women who struggle with their weight, although they are eating healthy.

I have created a recipe book that was made from a compilation of my favorite recipes that I have tweaked to make them my own. My recipes are family approved... because they are the toughest critics.

I teach people how to read labels so that they are getting the best nutrition for their bodies and host nutrition workshops in person to help spread the word on what is making America unhealthy and overweight.

I even created a How-To Meal Prep book and a video series (including recipes) to walk someone through how to prepare themselves to always have good food on hand.

My day of food is approximately 1600-1800 calories per day. If I burned more energy during the day, more calories are required and tend to be on the higher end of the caloric scale.

I am not about deprivation diets, carb-free diets, or any type of fad diet. I am about teaching a lifestyle to rid your body of unwanted, unhealthy fat and still enjoy your guilty pleasures. I fuel my body with customized vitamins designed for me based on a health assessment and DNA. I would love to work with you to customize a program for you too!

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