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Emerge with your best body and mind ever in 10 Weeks

Whether you're out of shape and need to regain or you've never stepped into a gym before, this is your definitive guide to emerging as your best self. 

Highlights of this trans-formative plan include:
  • 10 Weeks of Workouts- 4-5 workouts per week / 50-60 min. workouts with cardio built into all of your workouts. Each workout requires minimal equipment and is designed to maximize your time effectively by combining strength and cardio!

  • Demo Videos of all the workouts so you can workout with Emerge Fitness Founder, Kim Lenga, every day!

  • A Comprehensive,  Registered Dietitian design, Nutrition Plan with a daily meal plan / shopping list and tips to help you develop healthy habits.

  • A Supplement Plan with recommended supplements and timing

  • VIP access to the Emerge Fitness Tribe - a community of people just like you to help you and support you over your 10-weeks and beyond.

A complete 360 program for just $2.84 a day!

Easy Digital E-Book Delivery that you can print or keep on your smart-device!


The support you have always wanted and the accountability you need. 

Emerge and achieve your goals faster with the convenience & accountability of your own dedicated coach and our Premier programs.

Our Core Approach To Fitness

  • Fitness is for everyone!  No matter your age, shape or size. if you can move, you can exercise.  

  • We believe in exercising not only to look good, but to feel good, too. Increase your strength, develop better balance and flexibility, increase your energy levels and elevate your mood with consistent exercise.

  • You don't need a personal trainer, an expensive gym membership or fancy workout equipment to get in shape.  We have programs that work at home or on-the-go with little to no equipment required.