First, I must start by stating that I do not have a work-life/personal-life balance – I do not, and never have, taken the time to focus on my health/well-being though nutrition and exercise because of my career. That being said, I found this program easy to follow with flexibility that worked with my travel requirements: it provided me with numerous food options that provided healthy alternatives while not eating at home; and there were adapted exercise programs that I could modify to my location and time constraints.
I will be able to use this program as an ongoing plan to help me achieve the much-needed wellness in my life. The support from Coach Kim was amazing and made me feel successful no matter how much, or how little, I could complete. This was a very positive experience, and I feel I will be able to continue to use the lessons I learned to achieve a healthier self.
- Amy Bellas

Thank you to Kim for the encouragement and motivation to sign up for the Photo Challenge! With the stress of a full-time job, managing family and life, recovering from a hysterectomy, hearing a friend's devastating Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis news and the big 5-0 birthday on the horizon, I wanted to be healthy, strong, happy and balanced.
I threw myself into a "no excuses" mode but always had Kim and friends at class to keep me going. What a difference this has made! I feel confident, happier and healthier. The photo shoot was so fun and empowering! I was surrounded by a great group of wonderful ladies who took the time to lift each other up.
I also have learned a lot about nutrition and supplements and also really appreciate the live postings and the quick workouts that Kim provides so I can continue my commitment to myself when time is short.
Our sons are athletes and I can now take what I have learned about "fueling the athlete" and teach them how to take care of themselves like I am working to do for myself.

The photo challenge was a true encouragement to me. I am at a point in my life where I've actually decided to take care of myself.  With Kim as our trainer, there was a ton of encouragement and absolutely no condemnation or guilt. We did what we could handle on a daily basis - and that worked great! Just like every busy woman or man, we know that there is never enough time to get it all done. Making some time to put my health and well-being as "a priority" in my life made a difference. We met (some of us for the very first time) on the day of the shoot, and had our hair and make-up done by professionals. Our photographer is no stranger to Emerge Fitness, Christina Marie Designs & Photo, was so calm and reassuring that she was able to capture probably the best picture I have ever taken. As a bonus, I have 5 great new friends!!! - Lori Malvich

I have always enjoyed working out until I injured my knee, resulting in knee surgery.  I had such a hard time getting myself back into exercise which led to eating poorly.  Then I met Kim and started going to her classes.  This led to her filling me with knowledge on healthy living... not dieting.  My life changed and I feel better at 54 than I have ever felt.  Thank you Kim and Emerge Fitness!  - Laura Placzek