21 Day Energy Breakthrough Plan - PHASE II


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21 Day Energy Breakthrough Plan - PHASE II
21 Day Energy Breakthrough Plan - PHASE II

Want amazing results in 21 days? Then all you need is this 21 Day Energy Breakthrough Plan.  If you started with Phase I, the 14 Day Fat Burner Plan, then this is a simple transition to a 21 Day Energy Breakthrough.

We continue the plan by loading up on healthy food, like low-glycemic vegetables and ample portions of protein, however, Phase II allows for more variety and additional food options.

You get a step-by-step, 21-day plan so you succeed. Achieving your weight-loss goals has never been faster or simpler.

Highlights of this Jump-Start plan include:
  • A Comprehensive,  Macro-Based Nutrition Plan with a daily meal plan / shopping list / recipes and tips to help you develop healthy habits.

  • A Supplement Plan with recommended supplements and timing.

  • Two Week Trial Membership to EmergeFitnessLive.com to help and support you over the 2 weeks and beyond.

Recommended supplements for this plan

I trust and use these products myself!  Combined with the meal plan and recipes, these products will help support your efforts and take your results to the next level.  Shop supplements now.

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